Kaushik (Kaycee) Patel

Board Member


I have been a franchisee since 2009 having 2 Stores in downtown, Store # 33511 (33 E Adams Chicago IL 60603) & 33726 (627 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago IL 60661).
I have been FOAC Member for last two years. We all are Partner of World recognized Brand 7-Eleven and I am proud of being a part of the System. My goal is to make brand more valuable to guest, SEI & Franchisee by working together with SEI. I am Active, Faithful, and Honest person. I am ready to actively involve in all kind of FOAC activity, which make prosperous to 7-Eleven Brand, Franchisee and SEI to gather, with join effort of everybody. I am committed for that. With the very fast changing Situation SEI and Franchisee encounter new issues, which are conflicting each other’s interests, such as Minimum Wage, GGPS, New Agreement. So to find a common solution to the issue that achieves everybody’s goal in such a way that Brand will Stay, Franchisee will stay and SEI will stay. It is not good for any of us if any of us hurt (Franchisee, 7-Eleven Brand, SEI). If I am elected I am ready to work with any committee or with anybody. If I am not elected still I will actively work with FOAC Board member and Franchisee.

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